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"I joined Mr. Sport because I felt his plan looked very simple and easy to follow. I wasn't  wrong. This plan  has taught me to enjoy what I'm eating, and working with Yiannis has improved me not just physically but helped me mentally too. So much more  confident and I feel great.

Everything is tailored to your needs and Yiannis is constantly at hand to help. Amazing, best thing I've ever done!"


"Having dieted myself I found I was getting bored with the same old foods. I knew Yiannis from university through a mutual friend and asked for some help; since then I haven't looked back!

Mr. Sport provides excellent and professional help of a high standard  with support on hand, I've since dropped another 3 stone since being  involved with him, and his plans have given me the knowledge of my own so I  can tailor specific foods and fit them into my diet.

I 100% recommend for new or experienced people!"


"The hardest thing I found when starting was finding food that I enjoyed and didn't get bored with after a week. Also I wanted a diet that could be prepared within an hour the night before and not slave for hours in the kitchen every night.

All the nutritional advice Yiannis gave me has helped me come to terms with what's needed and how to follow the diet and the mindset to stick to it. It's nice to have some one who'd give you friendly advice because they want too and not just sell you a plan to crack open their lips."


"The programme taught me so much about portion control & I learned to cook meals that helped me lose weight but also tasted amazing!

Yiannis is brilliant at motivating you along the way & his knowledge on nutrition is something everybody could learn from."


"Huge thanks to Mr. Sport for the support and guidance he has provided. Ever since I adapted his nutrition plans to my lifestyle I can confess I now feel great and energetic on a daily basis! I have also been able to add effective  recipes to my lifestyle, to ensure the body is properly fuelled. I look forward to working along side this amazing gentleman in the future!"


"I contacted Mr. Sport at the beginning of the year because I'd been losing  weight myself but had hit a wall with what to eat due to health issues. I  explained every little detail of all the things I wasn't allowed to eat  (and a few vegetables I refused to eat), and he was incredibly accommodating! He pushed me to try a couple new things which helped so much and now I'm 38kg down and no longer need to take any of my old medication.

He also sent me lots of workout tips and even after finishing with him and continuing on my own he's only a message away whenever I need any help or advice. Yiannis has always been more than happy to help and the continued support has stopped me from slacking like every other time I've tried losing weight, and I have him to thank for that completely!"


"I have known Yiannis (Mr. Sport) for a number of years. He's always had a passion for sport and performance, so when it came to discussing my own fitness goals, he was the one person I knew would have all the answers.

We had a great discussion and came up with my own personal programme to follow. At the end of the programme I had shredded a lot of weight and had a lot more energy due to eating properly. I can't wait to start the next phase of my programme to achieve my next goal!"


"Since working with Yiannis, I've lost 14 lbs, improved my cardio fitness and strength, and lost around 13 inches. Mr. Sport provides common sense advice, explains everything so clearly and is so encouraging and supportive! Added to that, his recipes are yummy and he's also got me more interested in cooking which I never thought would happen!!

He's always just a call or a text or an email away. I've still got some way to go before I hit my goal (another 30 lbs to lose) but I know that with Mr Sport's help and guidance, not only will I achieve it, but I'll maintain it."



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