Take a look at what some of our past and present athlete clients have to say!

Michael D'Aguiar

"So I have been working with Yiannis aka Mr. Sport for the majority of this fight camp and I can't speak highly enough of him and his work.

People often get scared when seeking help with their food thinking.. man I'm never going to be able to eat properly again! WRONG! His recipes are a delight and what's best for me is I don't feel like I am even on a food plan! It's awesome!"

Bryony Tyrell

"Before working with Mr. Sport I was finding it increasingly hard to weight cut for fights and constantly struggled with sugar cravings and a lack of energy.

Mr. Sport has revolutionised the way I manage my nutritional intake and given me a really easy plan to follow where I can mix and match the foods I eat. I have regular snacks so I no longer get cravings and my energy levels  have significantly improved. If I have any issues Yiannis is on hand for advice and can tailor my plan to my training needs. I would highly recommend him for any nutritional and dietary support."

Alan Philpott

"A massive part of a fighter's preparation is his diet. Getting the right nutrition is a must to perform at the best of your ability. Throughout my career I have struggled with this. Bad weight cuts and poor performances have occurred because of this. After speaking to Yiannis, I knew this was the final piece of the puzzle.

I'm now eating properly and am feeling great! I look forward to moving forward together and seeing the improvements with the right foods and nutrition."

Davey Grant

Aaron Chalmers

Jamie Richardson

Nathaniel Wood

Kieran Conlin

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