About Mr. Sport

"The go-to man for human performance"


My name is Yiannis Fleming aka Mr. Sport and I'm on a mission to help make proper nutrition easier. I'm sick and tired of seeing poor dietary advice and meal replacement shakes circle the internet. I created the Online Programme to help people obtain the health, body and confidence they deserve, without going hungry. We've helped people all over the world get the results they're looking for, and I truly believe that we can help you too.


Seen & Featured In

Yiannis regularly creates tips, guidance and recipes for some of the best health, nutrition & fitness publications in the world.

The Facts

  • Degree in Sport Science, Masters in Athletic Development & Peak Performance, Stanford Diploma in Health & Nutrition
  • Worked with some of the most notorious athletes & celebs on the planet
  • Helped men & women of all abilities collectively burn over 50kg of fat and build over 20kg of muscle so far in 2017